Saturday, January 06, 2007

Thank you Watch Blog for the memories...

My days of posting at Watch Blog have come to an end, because I was not able to keep the committment of posting there twice a month. Part of this was related to some of the rules as far as time between postings and my availability. Part of this is related to my having a different priority now. While I think Watch Blog is a very awesome resource and I hope it continues to flourish and grow, I've been expending the majority of my blogging time on local issues. It's there where I feel the greatest chance exists for me to be able to make an impact.

I haven't been able to visit many of you on your blogs as much as I used to or as much as I would like to, that's something I do plan to do more of for 2007. So many of you write such great material that I've learned from.

David Remer kept me on several months longer than he probably should of, and I probably should have just asked him to remove me but, I thought I'd somehow figure out a way to be able to continue with Watch Blog as well as everything else I am doing.

I will never forget my Watch Blog experiences, they were very valuable to me and helped me grow not just as a person but a blogger. Perhaps some day in the future I'll be able to reapply as a writer and be able to fully meet their requirements.


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