Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Nancy Pelosi applause reaction...

I watched the President's State of the Union speech on my computer thru a live feed via C-Span. It was fairly easy to see the reaction of the Speaker of the House with their camera view the majority of the time. Here are the rough notes as to what Nancy applauded, gave a standing ovation too or just sat there:

Nancy did not applause for balanced budget - applauded for cutting earmarks in half and making sure they all get a vote.

Committments of conscience - medicare/medicaid and social security - light applause from Nancy

No child left behind - more flexibility for local leaders and choice in education - no applause

Increase funds for children who are struggling - applause

Applause for re-authorizing No Child left behind

Applause and standing O for health care for more Americans

No applause for private health care being the best option for most americans. New plan of Tax deduction of 15,000 income - 7,500 for singles - No applause

States will receive federal funds if they provide health care "affordable choice grants" expand health savings accounts - no applause Health savings association plans - no applause - reduce errors in medical technology - applause

Medical liability reform - no applause

Best decisions made by patients and their doctors - standing O applause

Immigration and border control - temporary worker program - light applause

Give employers tools to verify workers - applause

No amnesty for illegals here but solve illegal immigrants here - applause - standing O for comprehsneive immigration reform

Energy - thru technology clean coal technology - solar and nuclear ppower - almost didn't but applauded

Hybrid and bio-diesel - applause

Ethanol - applause - reduce gas usage by 20% in next ten years - applause and standing O

No applause on new use domestic oil drilling or the strategic petroleum reserve storage

Global climate change - standing 0 applause

Justice system - more judges No applause for quick votes on senate floor

5 years since 9-11 win the war on terror must take the fight to the enemy - standing 0 applause

standing O for brave men and women who devote their lives to stopping terrorism

standing O on protecting amercia rom islamic extremists

Help moderates in other nations build free nations for our own security standing O and applause

Applause for not abanon our friends in the middle east

Turn our resolve to victory no applause

No applause for troops being ordered to clean out areas in Iraq

America must not fail in Iraq - no applause

Asks for plan to work and to support troops - standing O for troops

Advisory council - bi-partisan council add to the miliary - applause

Increase 92,000 in next five years standing O

No nuclear weapons for Iran - standing O and applause

Democratic Palestine - applause

Korea free of nuclear weapons - applause

No applause for Cuba

Standing O and applause for saving Darfur

Continue to fight aids in Africa - standing O applause

1.2 billion to fight malaria - applause standing O

Trade and debt relief for countries - applause

Applause for son of Congo - standing O

Baby Einstein - Julie gets applause and a standing O

Subway Hero gets applause and a standing O

Tommy Reemen (sp) wounded in Iraq silver star recipient - standing O and applause

Standing O and applause for God bless America...


Me4Prez said...

I still haven't seen or heard the speech. I wanted to watch Pelosi's responses throughout Bush's speech, but then I thought that it would be more about political appearance than actual feelings.

Hooda Thunkit said...

Overall she did pretty good, but she's still a bit of a "hardass" on a few things.

I wonder why she wouldn't be in favor of drilling for our own oil here, which would keep OUR money here?

She was also mixed about NCLB too; confusing...