Monday, January 08, 2007

The irrational nature of Doctors who will not prescribe narcotics

One of the many things I go thru is daily joint pain, it's present every day but some days are more tolerable than others. The past few months it has gotten increasingly worse to the point where my doctor felt we should try anti-flammatory medication rather than occasional narcotic pain relievers. Generally I agree with this as a first step, since I have no desire to be in zombie land. Yet after these drugs did not work and suffering some stomach/intestional issues that were not a problem prior to all of these:


The pain was still present and today was pretty bad so I called to be seen, my regular doctor was out but I got an appointment with another physican in their office. Who then proceeded to tell me that she was recommending another anti-flammatory - Mobic. This made me very frustrated and angry because frankly, I'm tired of being in pain and while I understand this whole not wanting to prescribe narcotic drugs, Mobic is not that much different from all of the other drugs that have not worked. So I told her "basically you are suggesting I just continue to be in pain and try another drug that isn't going to work just like all of the other drugs? Do you have any idea how tiring it is to wake up every day in pain?"

I ended up being given Vicodin - not the ES the lower dose which really hasn't done much of anything either, and still feeling frustrated at the lack of concern about my being in pain day after day. When my old specialist was in practice this never happened, days I was in severe pain I took narcotic pain medication, days I was not? I didn't, he trusted me to know what I needed.

Why bother to have all of these "wonder drugs" if when people need them they are placed into a situation where they have to basically beg for pain medication? I realize there are people out there who have abused pain killers but making others suffer isn't right. I'd switch doctors because I'm that disgusted but it looks like our health insurance is about to change again so I have to wait to see who will take the new insurance...We supposedly have one of the better health systems in the World, days like today it doesn't feel like it.


Holly said...

With what we both went through yesterday because of doctors, I'd have to say that our current health system, at least here in Lucas County, SUCKS! No one should have to go what either of us went through yesterday! I just wish there were something I could do to change it so that no one does, but I don't see where there is anything I can do!
Luv ya!

Hooda Thunkit said...

Doctors are covering their corporate and business partner's collective asses at the expense of the patients.

Doctors seen as prescribing narcotic based pain killers, too easily or too often are the subjects of both insurance carrier's and government regulator's "interest," and, in order to keep their reputations clean, often do not prescribe the proper medication even when it is clearly called for.

Those who do this are more concerned with their own welfare than they are the welfare of their patients.

You might wish to have a frank discussion with your care provider in private before deciding for yourself.