Thursday, January 04, 2007

The HP puzzle and no piece is included in this post

I titled the post that way to save those of you looking for a puzzle piece from wasting your time just to build hits for this blog. However, since there are people out there who are making deals to cooperate on the puzzle search and split the prize, it gave me an idea. Anyone who is interested in doing something similar with say several people, either comment or email me. Even if ten of us joined together to win, that would be $100.00 rather than the possibility of nothing. It'd also be a way to more organizationally cover more internet territory. I fully understand the desire of anyone to win the "big" prize but I also know not all of us have hours to spend searching. Either way? Good luck!



historymike said...

Lucky dog - all of these ops were sucked up by the time I noticed this one.

Lisa Renee said...

Mike, the scavenger hunt thing you can do without having to take any of the opps for them. All you have to do is collect the pieces which is rather time consuming but? If you are the first person to collect all of the pieces and have them together displayed on your blog? This one pays $1,000 to the winner or winners depending on what happens this time.

If you want more info on the hints and how to's I'll tell you off blog.


Amy said...

Dude - people are collaborating? How did I miss that?

Lisa Renee said...

Dudette, several groups of them. Marcus is one who posted about it on his blog but I know of a few others.


(I just can't call you Dude - lol)