Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Harman not a happy camper...

It appears that some think she is not "liberal enough" when reading this Washington Post article:

In 2003, Pelosi handpicked Harman to become the ranking Democrat on the panel, a post that Pelosi had occupied. But Pelosi made it known last year that Harman was out if Democrats took back the House. Pelosi and other liberal Democrats believed that Harman, a moderate, failed to challenge the administration's alleged abuses of intelligence. Harman was stunned by the news and launched an overtly aggressive campaign to win the chairmanship, which only served to strengthen Pelosi's resolve. A former House member who knows both women well said Harman "really needs to grow up" and "she's not simply entitled to a chairmanship."

Yet...the article states:

A Harvard Law graduate with a gold-plated political résumé, Harman was the ranking Democrat on the intelligence committee and first in line for the chairmanship.


Steve said...

Although I do think there is a rift, I thought since the beginning this was a case of the punditry drumming up a story.

Me4Prez said...

I wonder if I am liberal enough.

My criteria for putting people on committees would be how much President Bush likes them and how much they have to deal with Bush. I would put people Bush can't stand in charge of all major committees, but instruct them to be the most professional and level headed people anyone has seen in Congress

Hooda Thunkit said...

I try to stay out of family squabbles ;-)