Sunday, January 07, 2007

Bloggers who are kindred spirits

I've been very lucky when it comes to having found some very awesome bloggers thru years I've been blogging and reading blogs. A recent blog that I've been reading and having a few email exchanges with the creator is Traveling Thoughts. One particular post of the many I have enjoyed reading there is the one about Dream.In.Code because I've been trying to venture in the world of learning more about coding with my whole Wordpress adventure on Glass City Jungle.

So where does the kindred spirit aspect come in? Not just because both of us were featured thanks to Sphere, and not because both of us like to try to help others. It's not because Courtney knew I wanted a PayPerPost 13 inch pen, and offered to send me hers...If you visit you'll see, especially if you take the time to go into her archives, I have to say one of my favorite posts is Obligatory, I’m going to do something stupid, so in case I die post, not that I sky-dive, but I could imagine if I did writing something similar. So head on over and visit the latest blog on my blogroll, I don't think you'll be disappointed...


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