Tuesday, December 26, 2006


I was reminded that this site is out there a few days ago in a comment left on my other local blog about a Congressman who has been blogging. Or actually having staffers blog for him. Anyway, when looking at tomdelay.com one of the first things I noticed (well besides he doesn't have any of my blogs listed - lol) was that it does appear comments that disagree with him or other commenters are not deleted, I can't say if some are but there are comments that do make it very clear they do not agree with either Tom Delay or other conservatives who have commented that are present.

That's pretty refreshing in these days where many blogs have not only gone to moderated comments but have established a history of banning or deleting people that disagree with them.

I actually even agree with some of the comments written there, take this one as an example:

This is bigger than liberal or conservative. This is historical. A woman Speaker of the House. The highest ranking women ever.

God created women too. We might as well wake up to that fact.

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Hooda Thunkit said...

I even agree with that statement.

Remember Golda?

Nuff said.