Saturday, December 09, 2006

Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid

The latest book added to my list of must reads:

Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid by Jimmy Carter

Part of a comment from an Amazon reviewer by the name of Samuel Chell:

The negative reactions to the book, I'm afraid, prove its importance. Many Americans remained "passively" approving of the Iraq war--despite not just its blatant imperialist aggressiveness but its sheer irrationality and absurdity--because of the perception that somehow America's "holy war," with its pageantry of "shock and awe," was in the interests of Israel. Although Carter's warnings, criticisms, and prescriptions in "Palestine Peace Not Apartheid" require as much of the Palestinians as the Israelis, the criticisms he has received come from narrow, defensive Americans who are incapable of rising to anything resembling an impartial, broad-based understanding of the "human community"--of the "family of man," as it was once called.

First I'm going to check with our public library...since that's always my first place to check before buying a book. I realize there is some outcry over two of the maps that were used in the book, from what I saw on television they were not duplicates as is being claimed but it is a topic I'm interested in reading and after seeing a video on this on CNN's pipeline made me not want to wait.

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Me4Prez said...

I saw that a Jewish group called Carter antisemitic because of the book and his friendship with Anwar Sadat. If I were a Jewish person, I would be more concerned about the Americans who want the Jews to regain all their land so that Christians can wipe them out and Jesus can come back.