Thursday, December 14, 2006

The most frustrating TenHunt ever....

Sigh...last time I thought 233rd place was not great, however this week technical difficulties started from the very get go, creating a delay that made TenHunt create a new start time and then had my clock showing a different time than Miguel's clock then when I logged out my clock was 20 minutes later than it was before. Then rather than load automatically the page started flashing with the numbers never starting to do the countdown. This cost me over 6 minutes. I caught up quickly until I got to the lastminute-auction site. The webpage would not load, I kept getting a page cannot be displayed error. Miguel did too. That created another huge delay. So, rather than quit or end up being able to finish I lost about an half an hour with two questions yet to go.

It's frustrating to spend that much time and not even be able to end up in one of the drawings for those who finish. I know I'm not alone this time in not finishing. Last update only 26.9% of those who played finished.

So I got this message:

Sorry, This TenHunt has ended!
You ran out of time to finish this TenHunt, but there's always next week. If you didn't start right at the start time, you might consider logging in closer to the TenHunt start time so you'll have more time to finish. Remember, you only get entered into the Participant raffle if you finish before the end time!
Thanks for playing!

Hopefully next week will be better, but this has to go down as the most frustrating TenHunt ever.....

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Rob said...

I agree, it was very frustrating. I was planning to spend 30 minutes or so and then had to leave for dinner. Well, my 30 minutes was up before I even saw the first question... Needless to say, I was unable to finish.

Seems like TreasureHunter made out well in the drawing.