Thursday, December 14, 2006

Link Lovin Thursday and having to read directions...

I actually remembered it was Thursday but yesterday was a hectic day. First waking up to discovering my Christmas Tree was scattered all over the living room then a doctor's appointment since I've been having some problems. A few new medications later, I have to say that when taking a drug gets as complicated as it was to figure out how to use this Advair thing...something is wrong...Supposedly I got a dose but according to my best friend if I didn't taste the powder I didn't. So, I don't know if I did it wrong or have faulty taste buds. However! You know what to do if you want to share your posts. If you don't know what to do? The directions are much simpler than figuring out how to use Advair...All you have to do is to visit The Crazy Rants of Samantha Burns.


Planck's Constant would like you to visit and read, TT 13 Prescriptions and what Doctors really Mean.

My favorite bud over at Republispin, wants to share, The First Church of Jazz. has this interesting piece to share, Don’t Let Your Kids Grow Up To Be Sith


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