Wednesday, December 27, 2006

From the email box, some link love for The Tie Index...

It's been a while since we dragged out the "We get Mail!" posts and of course the must include image of Blue, but I got an interesting email today that I wanted to share.

Hello Mrs. Renee,

My name is Greg Hebert and I just started a website that sells neckties its called While we sell unaltered neckties, we also give a person the option of writing a small message that we embroider and then apply to the back of the tie without affecting the appearance form the front. I figured I would sent you this note after seeing your post in October (sorry a little late) I hope this interests you, that you like the idea and maybe you can write about it in your blog. That would be great. Anyways I hope that you had a great Holiday season and if you get the chance I would very much like to hear back from you.
Thanks for your time

Greg Hebert

Yes, it's really "Lisa Renee" but quite a few people forget the "Lisa"; so off I headed to visit Greg's website. There is not a huge selection of ties but the way they can put a message on the inside of the tie is a pretty nifty idea. I can see this as a nice gift for a new job, or graduation or even an anniversary gift.

I also think Greg Herbert demonstrates creative use of the internet in trying to get some free product promotion so that is what helped make me decide to write about him and recommend his site as a place to bookmark.


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