Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Alas I suck...

At TenHunt...this time there were no technical difficulties and I cruised thru the first nine questions and even stopped to help Miguel since I knew I was no where near being in first all I wanted to do was finish.

Then I get to number Ten...the clue was not helpful as far as the decode hint and that's where I sat till it was over.

I think I'm not meant to be a Tenhunter...


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Anonymous said...


Number 10 was very difficult if you could not figure out how to decode the code. The clue in the picture was the guy in the car was on a cell phone. Each letter in the code corresponded to a number on a phone. Once those numbers were decoded, you were left with sku numbers which would take you directly to the product pages. There were a lot of players that had trouble with that question. Hope you still enjoyed the game, and I hope to see you in a future TenHunt. I do not anticipate having any questions you will need to decode in the near future:) - Walt