Friday, November 17, 2006

Poor Olga...

I think someone forgot to tell her that "Lisa" is a female name since I just got this in my email box:

Hi there!
I am Olga. I am a kind and intelligent lady from Kazan. I am faithful,
honest and
responsible. I dont stop at reached results and try to develop myself
and aspire to be interesting and necessary for other people. I dont like
false and selfish people. I want my man be reliable, faithful and
generous. I appreciate sense of humor and intelligence in a man.
I have some questions for you if you want to get to know me closer:
1/ Are you interested in serious relations with Russian woman?
2/ Are you planning to visit Russia?
3/ Would you like to correspond or to talk by phone?
4/ Why are you interested in Russian lady?
5/ Have you ever been to Russia?
6/ What is important for you in relations and am I right for you?

My gentleman should be balanced, strong and noble. Do you have a dream?



roman said...

Well I've heard of ppl confusing Lisa with Luis - but you don't look like a Luis to me..


Hooda Thunkit said...

Maybe that email was meant for you Miguel :-)

Either that, or Olga is trying to break the news about you two to Lisa gently, with a few innocuous hints and comments at first ;-)

You sneaky devil you!

roman said...

Truly living up to your name now aren't you... If it was thought of you sure beat them to it. lol :)

Last thing I need is some confused and lost "woman" seeking for me through e-mails. lol :)

Maybe she scored that great deal with the gentleman from Africa who was giving away money for a small deposit and all she's looking for is for someone to spend it with. :)

Hooda Thunkit said...


Yeah, maybe we should get those two together; they deserve each other ;-)

Anth said...

Silly Russian mail order brides.