Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Mixed success yesterday for me...

Well, much to the delight of my husband the campaign/election season is over and I learned quite a bit while getting more involved in covering local politics on my other blog. I'd love to say that all of the candidates that I got to know and tried to help as far as getting information out won, but they didn't. Out of the half a dozen races that I had some of my "heart" invested in only two won, but two is better than none.

Anyway...since I promised pictures of my yard that those of you who don't live here or haven't been by to see and laugh about? Here you go from the street:

From the side:

I had space for a few more candidates/issue signs but? Didn't end up getting them to be able to display them too.


1 comment:

Stephanie said...

The strange thing is how similiar some of those signs are to the signs around here. Alas, no creavitity betwixt them.

Congratulations on your two. I'm batting zero.