Saturday, November 11, 2006

Last night I was a miserable failure in Ten Hunt...

Ten Hunt is a new online scavenger hunt that awards the first person to complete it a rather nice prize. Last night's prize was a video Ipod. Until last night I prided myself as a person who was quick on her fingers on the web. It's pretty obvious to guess I didn't win, I came in 38th place which I'm guessing given the numbers of people playing wasn't the worst but it took me over 40 minutes to complete and the winner was done in just a little more than 7 minutes.

Where I messed up big time was the very first question - I didn't pay close enough attention to what was being asked. It clearly said to "click on the ipod with the picture of the movie and name the movie to the right". I instead kept focusing on the movie in the ipod rather than clicking, that is where I wasted the hugest chunk of time because you have to provide the right answer before you can move on to the next question. It was fun however, after the first few questions Miguel tried to help me and he was disappointed to discover that this was something that only happened once a week. I will try again and it appears from what I've read that each week the price will increase in value. I did get a ribbon for participating though :-)

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Michael Taggart said...

Glad to see you played TenHunt! We've made it a little more difficult this week so hopefully the winner doesn't finish in 7 minutes. Also, this week every player that completes the TenHunt will be placed in a random drawing for a new iPod Shuffle. Best of luck!