Monday, November 27, 2006

I'm not one to normally get all mushy here..

I don't like to get all mushy here because it is my blog after all where some of you know me very well but most people don't but Miguel got home from New London this morning about 6:00 a.m. Thanksgiving and Christmas are two very hard holidays for me because they were so important to my father. Having gone thru some major family stress with a loved one having a suicide attempt and then a brainless episode with a teenager who we feared was missing long enough that the police had to be called on top of my recent illness added to the pile on of stress. While we were dealing with the whole suicide attempt Miguel's mother had another mild stroke.

They may say things happen in three's but in this family things happen in multiples of threes...Anyway it looks like things are better here from an emotional and a teenage point of view and Miguel's mom is going to be okay from what he learned after talking to the doctor. It wasn't great news but it wasn't really bad news either. Eventually since the stress level here is starting to decline a bit perhaps my own health issues will improve or I'll become a raving lunatic myself, which at least if that happens I know what to expect.

Anyway, it was hard for me while Miguel was gone, harder than I expected. In addition to dealing with the regular stuff here and the additional "adventures" I was basically on my own. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder but I hope that I don't have to experience that much again with me here and him there. We were at one of those stages were we weren't fighting but we just weren't "connected" before he left, partly because I've been in so much pain that makes it hard to want to do anything but just do what I have to do and be left alone.

Yet this morning when he came home very early and crawled into bed, it hit me just how hard this past week has been and that despite my rebel, independent nature? I do need him.



Me4Prez said...

Sherry and I spent most of our first two years of marriage in different cities, but luckily that is over. I am glad he is home and things are hopefully getting better. And if you need any advice of being crazy, I am your man.

When we were at the funeral for my friend's wife, we were suffering from "can't even imagine" syndrome. I spent a lot of time living apart from Sherry and we do occasionally go somewhere while the other stays home, but just to know that that person will never be home again, it was hard to imagine. Maybe if she had been sick instead of a plane crash, but even then.

Anyway, enough of me bringing down the mood, get well and get Miguel a real beer to show him you love him.

Hooda Thunkit said...

That's why you're suffering!

Stress is a major causal factor for diverticulitis.

Hopefully, now that Miguel is back, the lessened stress levels will help to heal you.

Good luck Lisa ;-)