Wednesday, November 15, 2006

If you were worried? It's safe to eat deer in MI and OH

I've never been a big fan of venison, yet I know some of you are. I remember when my father used to hunt deer and I would tease him unmercifully about how could he kill Bambi's mother or father.


Yet the title linked article states that concerns over humans being able to contract chronic wasting disease, which has not been found in any deer in Ohio or Michigan yet anyway, are not founded. That the researchers feel it's not possible for humans to contract this.

Considering I have a friend who is heading up to get some venison to make chili for the big game this weekend, (Ohio State V Michigan) this seemed like an appropriate topic to post about.


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Anonymous said...

Well hey, now I know how to cure my cold sores cheap.....LMAO!!!

The good news is, this venison is from last year ;-)