Monday, October 30, 2006

Now this "jello" made me laugh

Yes, I've thrilled you all with the tales of my jello adventures and the other day a friend was joking with me to "keep shooting down that jello". I joked back that Jello shots might be more fun. So, when I saw this about Jello Shots, this first image made me do a double take:

It's called "Suck and Blow", one person has to suck and another has to blow for one of them to get the gelatin laced with alchohol. I'm guessing that the person with the strongest lung power wins, unless they decide to take turns.

They even come in interesting flavors a few listed on the website:

Spice Spice Baby, black cherry gelatin, flat cola, spiced rum, grenadine, the ISO Happy Endings, wild strawberry gelatin, water, champagne, crème de strawberry, fresh strawberries and whipped cream, and the not-quite-gelatin shot Brulette milk, unflavored gelatin, vanilla schnapps, vanilla vodka, frangelico, instant vanilla pudding, and brown sugar as well as different colors, here is the "wildberry":

This is the "cherry":

While my wild party days are pretty much at an end, I could see where this could be something that would be a fun novelty drink to have at a party. I remember the days when serving jello shots at a party made it pretty much a guaranteed success; as long as you didn't run out of them... (I can imagine my oldest daughter bookmarking the page and notating the order information.) The history of jello shots is an interesting one, some of that information can be found in this book, "Jiggelo" or by visiting Wikipedia where it states the creator of jello shots or "vodka jellys" could be:

The American mathematician and satirist Tom Lehrer claims to have invented the gelatin shot while working for the National Security Agency, where he developed vodka gelatin as a way to circumvent a restriction of alcoholic beverages on base.



Me4Prez said...

I once dove into a pool of Jello. Real pain is dried Jello on your skin, by the way. Every time you move, it hurts

Lisa Renee said...

That is something I have never tried and from the sounds if it? I'm pretty glad about that.


Me4Prez said...

You should be glad. It was an experience that I could have done without. It took a couple of showers to get it completely off my skin so that it didn't hurt to move anymore

Stephanie said...

Eeew! I remember in the movie "Clueless" they talked about a game called "Suck and Blow" that involved passing a credit card between several party participants. But that's the only place I've heard of it from. I guess these people took that idea and carried it a bit further.

Hooda Thunkit said...

That's an enitrely different form of entertainment :-]

Cyberseaer said...

This is really nothing new. An old idea marketed for the public. I used to do that type of thing when I used to smoke pot. It got you high quicker. Oh damn, there goes my bid for any political office. I need to keep quiet at times.