Monday, October 30, 2006

Lasik surgery, how to help end up with a great result...

I've considered Lasik surgery and I have several friends who have had the surgery. I've also heard the horror stories of surgeries that did not have a good end result. Where do you go to learn more about the different types of Lasik surgery are available? Where do you go to find out which doctors in your area are experienced? An excellent resource is USA Eyes, they are a non-profit organization and not only do they provide information on the different types of Lasik surgery but they also have great resources like "50 Tough questions for your Lasik Doctor".

For me after I did the research, knowing that the chances of my site being restored to 20/20 was far from guaranteed I decided that having glasses really wasn't that horrible of an outcome. I also knew that the doctors in this area who were advertising "bargain pricing" did not have the level of experience I felt comfortable with. There are many times in life you want to get a good deal, however when it comes to trusting someone with your eyes, that's one of those situations where you do not want to "get what you pay for". I highly recommend USA Eyes as a very reliable resource site to anyone before they consider having Lasik surgery done.

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