Saturday, October 28, 2006

Health Information and Free Product samples...

I always do quite a bit of research when it comes to health related issues, and I also try to save money so free product samples or coupons are something I appreciate. However, I don't want to be buried in junk mail or spam when looking for free product samples.

I visited this website called Healthy Free Stuff and I took advantage of their free membership to see what types of offers they had and what type of information they offered. By filling out a few quick surveys they target specific products that might interest you rather than sending you coupons or samples that will end up in the circular file. One offer that immediately interested me was the Nature Made Wellness Advisor, because I do buy Nature Made Vitamins and Herbal supplements. I was sent several coupons by email that I could print out and they also have a program where entering the UPC code from Nature Made products earns you points, your first 500 pounts earns you a $5.00 coupon and subsequent 500 points submitted earns $7.00 in coupons.

In checking out various categories of the website, one I found of particular interest was Women's Health, there were many subcategories of topics including facts on the top five health concerns for women to information on how many calories are burned from specific activities. They also offer support group forums, ranging from pain management to healthy pets.

They also have a good selection of interactive tools and quizzes. You'll all be happy to know that there is only a 1% chance that I'll have a heart attack within the next ten years. I know I'll return to the site, as well as checking out some of the forums in the future as well.


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