Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A great way to trade books and movies

Some of the books I own I'd never part with, such as my Frank Yerby collection and same with some of my DVD's, such as my "Billy Jack" collection; yet there are quite a few books and movies that we have here that are just collecting dust. I am a big fan of our local freecycle but there is an even better way to trade books and movies on titletrader. It's set up so that when you send out books or movies or even video games you earn points which are then used to get what you want from other titletrader members. There is also a system in place for you to purchase "points" if you come across something you just have to have and don't have enough points yet. There also is a forum where people can go to have their questions answered and get helpful hints or just chat with fellow titletrader members.

Granted I have to sit down and do an inventory of what I have but, it will give me a good reason to get things organized...

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