Thursday, June 01, 2006

Russell smells bad and Andrew's Mom dresses him funny

Yes, there could be another blog war! Grab the chips, a drink and get ready to sit by your keyboard for another adventure in the Ohio Blogosphere.

To do something probably never done before and if so? Too bad I'm claiming I am the first, I am going to insult BOTH of them!

Yet some history...It all started here when a letter Andrew wrote was written about by someone else.

Andrew retaliates

Then Staff (who we believe to be Russell) strikes back

By now you might be asking, "Lisa Renee what in the blue hell does this have to do with us". It has nothing to do with you, yet you must pay attention to this and you must not only select sides but you must blog about the bloggers who are blogging about the blogs blogging about bloggers. This type of horrible situation must be blogged about! Andrew must be revealed to the whole world as a...I know this will be harsh, so I apologize....he is a...Green Party supporter....

Worse, yes there can be worse than that. As hard as it may be to believe? Staff is...OMG this is so much harder than I thought....he is a Democrat Party supporter.

What in the world is wrong with these two? How dare they each have a different opinion, even worse, neither one of them is right because I am after all the only one who is right. I mean really what in the hell do they think blogs are for? Their own personal opinions? BAH! Yes BAH! I wrote.

Now get to work blogging about these two bloggers. Don't you dare start blogging about me or else I will be forced to blog about you. That my friends would not be pretty...