Sunday, June 11, 2006

Johnson's Island makes the news

The above linked Toledo Blade article is about the $2.00 toll no longer being collected to drive the narrow land bridge over to the Island but it also includes some history. One of the chapters of my book is about Johnson's Island...infact it was a visit to there when I was a teenager that started me on my quest for research. All because of this one person who I still to this date have not found out a great deal of details on:

Why he or many of the citizens buried at the Confederate Cemetery are there or how they died there is still one of those mysteries I keep looking for answers on.



Darius said...

Sounds interesting. Haven't seen one of those thin, old markers since I was a kid - one of my uncles had this small, very old cemetary on his property. He hadn't lived there for ages or anything, so he was clueless about its significance. Dates, as I recall, were well back into at least the early 19th century, maybe earlier.

Lisa Renee said...

The original grave markers were wood, they were later replaced which has added to some of the problems in finding information on men buried in the cemetery. Some names might have been spelled wrong when they were initially carved, some when they were replaced. There are also more men buried there than grave markers. That's not uncommon, but with this being a smaller prison cemetery the historians who are still working on this might have a chance of finding out information. It's amazing how much they are still discovering this many years later.