Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Why I don't have a problem with Blogging Ohio

Some of my fellow bloggers have not looked kindly upon the addition of what they refer to as a "McBlog" Tim Russo was the first place I read where problems with this was expressed, so I'm linking his article for those who missed this.

Maybe I'm viewing this wrong but one of the reasons I blog and I do the whole Blog it Toledo column for the Toledo Free Press that's become a big part of my other blog, Glass City Jungle is because I want more people to read blogs and to blog. If people who visit there actually visit some of the blogs featured they could very well find more readers.

Yes, I'm sure Blogging Ohio is designed to make a profit. To me the very creation of a place like Blogging Ohio shows that blogging has become more recognized. It's not as if they are taking advertiser dollars away from the majority of us. Especially since most of us don't have advertisers anyway.

I'd love to blog and have it be a paying job. (No this is not a kiss up attempt to get Brad to hire me, I already know that won't happen.) Yet I'm not going to begrudge those who are doing it. One of the blogs I wrote about in one of my columns was featured on Blogging Ohio, the Glass City Gourmet I was happy to see her get more attention. My only kvetch was I didn't see an active link to her blog listed. Blogging Ohio also focuses on some of the smaller blogs, like one written by my friend Hooda Thunkit which I think is awesome. I want all of the Toledo blogs and Ohio blogs to get attention and to get more readers and if Blogging Ohio helps any of them?

Good job Blogging Ohio.