Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Why I could never support Ken Blackwell....

This one article from the Cleveland Plain Dealer points out precisely where the foundation for his campaign started, what it is based on and to me proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he will cross the lines of his religion versus rights of others if he is elected.

He is more than welcome to follow whatever religion he chooses, his supporters are more than welcome to follow any religion they select. Yet when it crosses the line into making anyone else have to deal with a moral ethic that is not based on our constitution? I say no.

Largely as a result, Blackwell today is the Republican nominee for Ohio governor. He also is a national political figure and, courtesy of the organizers of the Virginia conference, a member of the Arlington Group, a powerhouse, by-invitation-only organization whose roughly 60 members have direct access to the White House.

Arlington Group members and their spouses have donated $18,400 to Blackwell, and their organizations have provided vast quantities of money and assistance to him in other ways.

Citizens for Community Values, whose president, Phil Burress, sits on the Arlington Group's executive committee, poured nearly $1.2 million into the campaign to ban gay marriage in Ohio. He was assisted by Arlington Group member Colin Hanna of Let Freedom Ring in West Chester, Pa., which spent nearly $1 million organizing "pastor policy briefings" in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

For all of those who made such a fuss about out of state support for Democratic issues/candidates? How they have no right to do that here in Ohio? I'd suggest taking an equal look at Blackwell and where his support is coming from.

Between January 2005 and last month, Blackwell collected more than $3.8 million, surpassing Petro by more than $1 million and raising only slightly less than his Democratic opponent, U.S. Rep. Ted Strickland.

A report by Ohio Citizen Action found that more than $900,000 of Blackwell's money came from out of state - just short of what Petro, Strickland and Democrat Bryan Flannery combined raised from out-of-state donors.

Blackwell's trying to distance himself from earlier comments, he's scrubbed his blog from the primary according to those who read his blog. After taking their money and sitting at their table? Now he's trying to soften his tone.

Yet, sorry Ken...comments like this from supporters? Proves that's not going to happen:

"One of the reasons I'm so high on Ken Blackwell, and he shares this perspective, is that this is not just another skirmish in the culture war," said Stephen Crampton, an Arlington Group member who serves as chief counsel at Wildmon's Center for Law and Policy. "This is the ultimate battle. He who wins the same-sex marriage battle in effect wins the culture war."

They are supporting you because you made them believe that you would make this a culture war not a run for what was best for the residents of Ohio. All residents of Ohio, which believe it or not? Includes homosexuals.