Monday, May 08, 2006

Today's mystery

I went to pick up the phone to make a call having used it earlier with no problem and dial tone and a message flashing on the phone "NO LINE". Yet my dsl works so there must be some type of a line signal.

No, it's not a billing issue, and Miguel said when he tried to call it just rings then goes over to voicemail.

I'm not complaining that my dsl is working, but it seems strange that the phone line would be dead here from the house yet the dsl signal would still work...

I even moved the phone to another phone jack to make sure it wasn't a problem with that outlet or the dsl filter.

Now I miss having a cell phone.


Update...I emailed Miguel and had him call the phone company - appears I am not alone. They are having trouble throughout the Toledo, Maumee, Sylvania areas. They are currently testing the line.

Second my comments for haloscan are "temporarily disabled"...what was that you wrote C about not everyone out to get me? lmao

Amazing....sometime between tonight and tomorrow actually ended up happening tonight. Figures first call? A telemarketer...(lol)