Monday, May 15, 2006

psst....I have a bridge to sell you too!

Everytime I read the cute name they came up with to get slot gambling to be legal at several of Ohio's horse race tracks I can't help laughing.

"Ohio Learn and Earn"

What can we learn?

Some of who is behind this

The owner of a Toledo racetrack has folded its campaign for electronic slots at horse tracks only, opting instead to join a proposal that would allow slots at tracks and at two sites in downtown Cleveland.

Penn National Gaming Inc., the deep-pocketed owner of Toledo's Raceway Park, said Monday it was joining the Learn and Earn campaign.

That means voters will likely see just one gambling proposal on the November ballot, backed by the state's seven racetracks, Forest City Enterprises Inc. and businessman Jeff Jacobs.

What can we earn?

Ohio Learn and Earn is hiring according to this

FieldWorks is hiring management level staff to run a statewide petition drive to increase college education funding in Ohio. Positions are based in Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Toledo, starting immediately. We are hiring for the following positions: State Director, Office Directors, Deputy Office Directors and Administrative staff.

Salary: $2600-$4800 per month, plus benefits. Salary is dependent on position, skills and experience.

Drats...Somehow I don't think they would hire someone who doesn't believe that this is really about helping Ohio kids to get a free college education.