Friday, May 05, 2006

One of those life's ironic moments...

Recently I was happy to have finally gotten a review from the "wonderful" Ohio Child Support system and had support almost doubled since the original decree and subsequent emancipation of children reduced the weekly amount.

Granted several snafu's happened that I'm still working on but for a brief time I was happy to finally start receiving the higher amount. We will never be rich but it at least looked more "survivable".

I just was informed by my ex-husband that his employer has decided to shut down their entire plant and terminate everyone rather than laying them off. Tonight is his last night of work and supposedly insurance benefits for the two girls will no longer exist after tonight either. Twenty years of employment there for him has ended in the midst of a struggle between union/management and the economy.

No it's not the end of the world and we'll survive thru this, the girls and I have been thru worse. Other people right now are going thru worse. Many children don't even get child support at all. I already know what my options are as far as health insurance for them so that at least is not a worry.

Yet, I couldn't help wondering as I hung up the phone from hearing the news...if bad things are supposed to happen in three's...Shouldn't I be due for at least a short break?