Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Nipplegate...what really happened...

There is a blogswarm stirring over Livejournal cracking down on default icons that show breasts. It's being written that this is being done to target breastfeeding mothers. In a way that's true. This all started because a Livejournal user by the name of "Hardvice" received a letter informing him that he could not use his icon of Bea Arthur and her naked breasts as his default icon. So he responded in part to Livejournal:

If this is unsuitable as a default icon, then so are all of the many, many Boob Nazi icons that show breastfeeding and all the pagan icons of bare-breasted goddesses. Please inform all account holders with such default icons that they must remove them at your earliest convenience.

Then he started to report people who had pictures, and it sounds like others did as well. Which is how the "boob nazis" started getting letters from Livejournal telling them that they had to change what they were using as a default icon.

It's not Livejournal going after breastfeeding mommies. It's a guy who took issue with this and turned others in. He did so knowing that the breastfeeding supporters would get angry when they were reported. He states on his journal:

This is exactly the reason I targeted boob nazi, nudist, and pagan communities: they were the most likely to give LJA fits and fight back. Good on ye, ladies.

The utter stupidity of this whole thing is by adding animated pasties to his Bea Arthur icon it's now supposedly appropriate for default icon use.

So as the blogswarm grows and continues to state that Livejournal is against breastfeeding mom's or are prudes, etc., etc., that's how it all got started. Now should Livejournal just have selectively determined which breasts were okay and which ones were not? Or just ban all female breasts? Or let all breasts hang free as default icons? It appears they've taken the ban all female breasts that show nipples or even a hint of a nipple since he received confirmation that his new picture of Bea with animated doohickeys is acceptable.