Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Keiser Factor in Lucas County

Last night's results for here in Lucas County ended up with an unofficial count of 7,264 or 30.53% for Merrill Keiser. That surprised me, having read some of Keiser's positions. Granted I live in a County where during the recent Lucas County Commissioner race a Blade/Zogby Poll listed 30% of the supporters of one of the candidates confused him with his uncle who passed away two years prior. So I can't pretend I am living in an area that has politically informed residents. However, yesterday's election did not have a large turnout, which traditionally means it is a more devoted number who are committed to voting that do so.

Was this a Hackett rebellion? That is the way some are viewing this but I'm not sure that is the case here. Today as I was in Toledo driving down one of the main drags (Reynolds/Conant) I was amazed at the number of Keiser signs I saw. There had to have been over 30 of them up and down the road. Not one Sherrod Brown sign was seen.

Was this vote a result of Sherrod being viewed as "too liberal"? Is this voters not being informed enough to know what Keiser's positions were? Was this directed at Sherrod because of Paul Hackett? Whatever the reason, it is something that should be looked at before November. If voters here can be that easily attracted to Keiser, it makes a Lucas County win even more difficult for Sherrod in November. He can safely ignore some of the smaller counties and pull off a win but Lucas County does pull large enough numbers that both DeWine and Brown could need the numbers.

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