Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Sometimes I am a ditz

I was once again reminded today that it really doesn't do a person any good to buy one of those pill minder things if they don't remember to actually put the pills in the pill reminder.

The adventure of even buying the pill reminder was a funny one. Yes, I kept forgetting then didn't like the ones that I did find. I finally found one that was what I wanted but then of course have to remember to actually use it. Almost reminds me of when my daughter Emily bought one of those ginko formulations that was supposed to help her memory yet kept forgetting to take it...(She can blame memory ability on me as hereditary after making this post public - lol.)

So this morning I was once again faced with the "Did I take my pills?" question...I try to take them around the same time each day to lessen the chances of me forgetting. I then noted the date they were refilled, and counted off on the calendar to see how many pills should be there.

Okay...I forgot to take them. I did however fill up the pill reminder boxy thingy so for at least the next 7 days? I'm good. Maybe I need to buy this one with the timer....