Thursday, April 06, 2006

Share some link love Thursday and I had no idea people liked teapots that much

As I was checking out the internet news I watched a video on CNN that was about congressional pork, focusing on the $500,000 that is being given to Sparta, North Carolina for a Teapot Museum. I am still an anti-pork person and I believe if something is really deserving of funding there are ways to do it and feel very strongly that given some of the cuts being made to other programs there should be a better system of priorities. Yet, reading the following from Carolina Journal surprised me:

Woodie said a traveling exhibit of many of the Kamms' teapots at museums around the country has "spectacular attendance." An economic impact study determined that the project would attract 61,000 visitors annually and $7.5 million in new tourism spending.

The museum is expected to cost roughly $10 million to build. As many as a dozen employees would be hired, and the proposed annual operating budget would run between $800,000 and $900,000.

Besides the state grant, the teapot museum has been awarded $380,000 out of the state's tobacco settlement money through Golden LEAF, and $25,000 from the AdvantageWest regional economic development partnership. Woodie said the museum has also received about $500,000 in individual private contributions and $78,000 in grants from the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation.

UNC-TV has alot more detail about the North Carolina budget issues for those interested.

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