Sunday, April 30, 2006

Ohio Polls and a good Brent Larkin piece...

Well, the Columbus Dispatch has it's poll out. For what it is worth since polls are not a final indication of what voters will do what I found interesting.

13% of those voters polled are either not paying attention or think someone like Merrill S. Keiser (who would like to see gays killed) is worth voting for. I suppose we should be at least appreciative of the fact that it's not like Lucas County where voters are selecting one of the Lucas County Commissioner Candidates because they think they are selecting the dead uncle instead of the candidate in question. Maybe that 13% is sending a message to Sherrod. I'd like to believe that over anyone picking Keiser based on his statements.

71% of those polled don't seem to care that Chandra has become the darling for some on the blogosphere and are instead picking Marc Dann. (Who I think will be getting my vote.)

65% feel William O'Neill is a better candidate than A.J. Wagner for the Supreme Court (I agree with the majority)

Yet Ben Espy and Peter Sikora are tied in the polls.

On the Republican side, it's not surprise Montgomery is in the lead but it is an almost a close race for Treasurer which is not a race talked about much. 53% selected Jeanette Bradly and 46% for Sandra O'Brien.

For Governor...Strickland is wiping the floor with Flannery with 86% of the vote. (Neither one of these two is getting my vote in the primary.)

And it's close for the Blackwell V Petro battle - the dispatch is claiming "Blackwell is leading in double digits but the reality is 56% to 44% is not a commanding lead given the structure of the poll

Then if you check out the Cleveland Plain Dealer there Blackwell has 50% and Petro 29%. With varying combinations of hypothetical match ups.

I'd also point out this article by Brent Larkin who I think deserves a moment of {{{applause}}}