Thursday, April 13, 2006

Now this pisses me off...

I'm a member of the Life, Liberty Property Community. I headed over this morning to visit the main page to see what was going on.

I see this:

A challenge from Raskolnikov for all the enlightened, relative Liberals. I don't know if "progressives" include this in their mandate but I know what's in mine. You touch my son I touch you.

So I visit to find out what's going on, and then I discover this:

I eagerly await your defense, in the name of free speech and progressive ideas, of course.

Just when you thought My Blahg was the lowest the blog world could sink

I'm not even going to link the blog in question here, because I am not going to create more hits for some yahoo's that are preaching that they have some right to develop relationships with underage boys based on the greek philosphy of "Pederasty".

Why would you want to promote a blog like that? What would make you even assume that this is something that a Liberal should even want to defend? Oh yes the whole "Liberals support tolerance".

Of consenting adults yes...This whole tired of line of if you support homosexual unions or even homosexuality you support people marrying animals; children being raped; parents marrying their children; polygamy involving children; is crap.

I don't paint all Republicans, or Conservatives, or those who are more Religious than I am with a broad brush. I realize that we are all individuals and just because we have attributed a particular political label to ourselves that we feel most closely identifies us politically does not mean that to believe in tolerance you believe in this kind of violation of the a child.

I even question if that blog is for real as I commented over there. What proof do they have that this is even legitimate? That it wasn't written to create fake outrage. I asked really, logically what type of idiot would post a blog about something like that and not expect law enforcement to be watching their every move? Yet since it can be used negatively about those darn liberals let's just trot it out there and blog about it.

I don't often get angry, I'm usually the one who's out there trying to see both sides of an issue or trying to find a common ground, or even agreeing to disagree. There is no agree to disagree this time. There is no trying to see why any blogger would promote that site or make a challenge to Liberals to defend this crap. There is no defense in trying to imply that Liberals or Progressives would agree with this.