Tuesday, April 18, 2006

My first response? Please....not again....

Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post believes that there should be another Kerry run for the White House.

To which I respond....HELLO! John Kerry could not beat George Bush who around the time of the Novemeber election had under or close to only having a 50% approval rate. Even Sherrod Brown when he was here in Toledo had this to say about John Kerry:

(Sherrod) he said his record on trade and other economic issues made him a stronger candidate in Ohio than John Kerry, the Democratic presidential candidate who narrowly lost here in 2004.

"John Kerry couldn't carry a populist message to the people of Ohio," Mr. Brown said, adding: "If he windsurfed, he should have done it on Lake Erie."

I have seen nothing new from John Kerry that makes me believe he would perform any differently in 2008, unless of course the Republican Party puts someone out there worse than George Bush...which would be pretty hard to accomplish...

No, I am not a fan of Hillary or Russ either for that matter. Are there any of the names mentioned that I do like? Yes, I still am following what John Edwards is up to and hoping someone who has the ability to inspire decides it's worth what we the public puts them thru to decide to run.