Friday, April 14, 2006

The Father Robinson Murder Trial starts Monday

Toledo is once again in the headlines for news that isn't necessarily something to be proud of our area for. Most of the local media has already started to focus on the trial with WTOL already taking the lead on capitalizing on this and has a special graphic announcing the trial and have announced that nation wide media including Court TV will be here. A special room for the media has been set up. Gee I wonder if as a blogger I could qualify as media...

There is the Time line for the murder, WTOL has also taken a look at all of the key members of the prosecution and the defense as well as a few of those expected to testify.

If you need further evidence that WTOL is trying to become the "Father Robinson News Source" they even have a poll asking how Toledo residents feel about him wearing his clerical collar to court. Rather ironic given they even refer to him as "Father Robinson" and he is still a priest. I guess the concept that someone is innocent until proven guilty has no bearing on it.

Locally the discussion has been on that topic and the recent escapades of SNAP members Claudia Vercellotti and Jon Schoonmaker who had their attempt to cash in on some publicity almost diminished by a Diocese Staff member ,who refused them entry with the Blade reporter making his bias pretty obvious with this statement:

Ms. Stein stood patiently but impassively, reciting her statements coldly and impersonally.

How dare Ms. Stein try to stop them from their moment in the cameras. Realistically Claudia got more mileage from the "rejection" and one can't help but wondering what is wrong with the postal service or the many other services out there that will deliver letters with proof of delivery. If the real intent was to deliver a letter rather than to be infront of the cameras...

Is Father Robinson guilty? I have no idea, but I am willing to do something really unique these days. Not pre-decide because he is still innocent at this point. Many things don't make sense about this and the harder those out there try to pre-determine his guilt the more I decide there is more to this. Will that come out thru this trial or will it end up being like so many other cases that the truth is never known.

That's what we will find out in the days to come. Yes, I'll continue to post about the trial, and update as more happens. I guess the one "detective" who was posting all over the local blogs earlier this year claiming that this case would never make it to trial because they would make some kind of a deal that allowed Father Robinson to walk was wrong. Let's hope the rest of the trial is based on more reliable information than what he claimed was a certainty.

As a full disclosure...I am Catholic and I don't have a lot of admiration for those who have tried to destroy the Church rather than focus on the victims. Priests who abuse children should be punished, the same as the larger numbers of abusers of children should be. So, if you are one of those that feels that all or a majority of Priests are pedophiles and you "know" Father Robinson is guilty? You probably won't like my blog coverage.


However, even though this site focuses on "Clergy Ritual Abuse" even titling the webpage this information is listed on with "Priests of Darkness". It does contain a lot of the information from the Toledo Blade and other sources for those looking for more background information.

Also worth pointing out the Toledo Blade reporter, David Yonke has an upcoming book on this case. Which is due to be released in September. I'm sure he'd appreciate the publicity.