Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ohio House passes HCR 36

According to the Toledo Blade article linked above, Ohio would become the first state to officially endorse the proposed constitutional amendment, which would require that congressional districts be redrawn after each U.S. Census based on “citizen” population instead of “person” population as is now required.

Ohio is in danger of losing two Congressional seats in 2012, yet the problem with this bill is stated very clearly by State Representative Peter Ujvagi:

...the amendment would also fail to count legal immigrants who have yet to become citizens but are working and paying taxes here.

The vote was 71-23, if you want to read the information directly from the House Journal PDF Link the voting for this bill including several issues/amendments begins on page 10.

From Northwestern Ohio; Perry was absent, Brown voted no, Ujvagi voted no, Wagoner voted yes, Latta voted yes, Redfern voted no, Buehrer voted yes, Wagner voted yes, and Hoops voted yes.


historymike said...

Immigrants - the 2008 scapegoats for all our troubles.

Gays were the targets in 2004.

Who will we as a nation kick around in 2012?

Aaron said...

Maybe we will go full circle to professional women and then blacks in 2016?