Monday, August 15, 2005

Israeli Gov Official accuses US of discrimination

Mk Yosef Lapid, who heads the Shinui Party and is leader of the Knesset opposition wrote the above linked article in today's Jerusalem Post.

In Washington, the "anti" circles go about their business and the Jews prefer to let sleeping dogs lie.We have never had a friendlier president in the White House than George W. Bush, except perhaps Bill Clinton. There has never been as friendly a vice president as Dick Cheney since Hubert Humphrey. And since George Schultz there has never been as friendly a secretary of state as Condoleezza Rice.

It is not the leadership that is calling the shots here, but the middle-level bureaucracy: senior State Department officials, some generals in the Pentagon and FBI security types. They are not anti-Semites of the classical model, but they are uncomfortable with the economic power, media presence, academic importance and political clout of American Jews. And they believe the Jewish neoconservatives – who bear-hug the Bush administration – are pushing America into a bloody conflict with the Muslim world for the benefit of Israel, among other reasons. Dual loyalty, you see.

He goes on to give two examples he feels demonstrates this, one relatates to the recent attempt to sell upgraded parts for drones to China. The second one is the investigation of Steven Rosen and Keith Weissman, commenting:

To appreciate the degree of malice in this FBI "sting" one must ask why the FBI fabricated a temptation no Jew could resist: warning Israel that Muslim terrorists were about to murder its envoys. There was also a substantial amount of stupidity involved. After all, it is beyond doubt that, had such a report been true, the Pentagon would have anyway provided it to Israel through official channels.

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