Thursday, August 18, 2005

Color me surprised....

I expected Gov. Taft to plead not guilty and drag this out until close to the end of his term. However, he pleaded No Contest to the four charges.

As expected no jail time, but a thousand dollar fine for each count, so $4,000.00 and an apology to the residents of Ohio.

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Hooda Thunkit said...

Governor Taft (ptooey, ptooey) is and was a total coward by his actions.

An honorable person would have:
1. Not made the “mistake” in the first place.
2. Plead guilty as charged, rather than a cowardly ”Nolo Contendere.”
3. Stood alone with no criminal lawyer at his side.

Q. Why would one have a criminal lawyer in the first place if they weren’t a crim…?

Damn RHINOs.

He’s an embarrassment to the political process and BOTH parties.

But, I’m disappointed, not bitter ;-)