Sunday, August 07, 2005

Benjamin Netanyahu getting ready to campaign

It was pretty obvious either he was going to resign or Sharon was going to fire him. He waited until today to make his grandstand moment and left no doubt he has his eyes on Sharon's job. Let's hope his position on the disengagement that goes against what the majority of Israelis want is enough to keep that dream of his from happening. While I am not a fan of Sharon? Netanyahu would be worse. Everything that has been achieved would be undone.

"At moments of truth a leader must ask himself what he stands for and what he is working towards?" Netanyahu added. "And I cannot be a part of this disengagement."


Christopher Trottier said...

My past experience: never assume what the majority of Israelis want.

Lisa Renee said...

It's true Christopher polls are only valid as to those who are asked, but given the constant numbers of 60 to 70% who state they support Disengagement from Gaza? Those who do not support it appear to be in the minority.