Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Towards a more Evangelical Military.....

I'd recommend reading Brew's post at Robot-Invasion. I read this article last night and it concerned me quite a bit.

If you'd like to read the New York Times article:

Evangelicals Are a Growing Force in the Military Chaplain Corps


Me4Prez said...

It makes sense for evangelicals to go there. They pretty much have a captive and easily influenced audience of young people, many of whom have come from bad environments. So, you are young with nowhere to go and along comes a recruiter who treats you like you are special and a chaplain who says God can help you with your pain and sorrow.

I wish that all Chaplain's could be like the one on M*A*S*H, but unfortunately a lot of them are born again and intense about conversion

Josh Pollard said...

now wait a second there lisa. In your comment on the other blog you pasted in a statement from the article that said this "The distinction, he said, is that proselytizing is trying to convert someone in an aggressive way, while evangelizing is more gently sharing the gospel."

and then you said this:

"They have no right to do that, if a member of the military comes to them and wants to convert to their religion that is one thing, but to openly admit they will aggressively go after those they feel are "unchurched" is to me wrong."

The guy said that they WEREN'T aggressively going after people. So what's the problem with that? Don't tell me you think evangalisim infringes on people's civil liberties now...

Lisa Renee said...

Josh it's obvious from the article he may state he is not proselytizing but in reality it appears this is not some "mild evangelical" thing. Which is why I pointed out that quote. It was an admission they were going after the "unchurched" which if they want to remain "unchurched" or Mormon or Catholic or Jew or Muslim or Wiccan or whatever...then it is their right, without harrassment.

Personally I do not feel any chaplin or anyone for that matter as a part of the United States Military has the right to try to convert anyone. Unless they come to them and want to be converted of their own free will and not pressured by a chaplin or a CO.

It's not a freedom of speech issue when you are in the Military and are being basically told your current beliefs make you "Satanic".

That's my problem with it.

Lisa Renee said...

As far as your civil liberties question? If you or anyone comes to my door to "evangelize me" I have the right to shut my door. You have no right to force me to listen to you. If you are standing on a street corner yelling out we are all sinners and need to be saved? Again, public streets as long as you don't break the law all I have to do is keep walking.

In the military if this is the only chaplin available and he pushes "his" religion or if the CO also pushes evangelism it is different and wrong.