Monday, July 18, 2005

Glass houses and stones.....

I was reading Frank Szollosi's blog tonight, and while I do respect Frank and realize he feels a very strong loyalty to Mayor Jack Ford, at times I wonder about the whole game of politics.

Remember Karyn McConnell Hancock? It's been pretty quiet as far as comments concerning her whole "I am above the law" parking incident. Wouldn't you if you did really care about ethics demand a high standard of ethics from your own "team"?

Now I have not read Frank stating anything about supporting her, however she has been endorsed by the splinter Lucas County Dem organization. I haven't read anything about him not supporting her either. But he did tonight comment on Carty's lack of proper citing from the Cleveland Plain Dealer, "Here is a man with no shame, he's got no business being in a race for public office." His comment made me start thinking, which is worse? Not citing a source in a speech then immediately taking responsibility for it or demonstrating you have no respect for not only our Police Officers but our laws? Not caring that your irresponsible behavior caused a handicapped woman to have to struggle to get around your illegally parked car or not giving the Cleveland Plain dealer proper credit? Sitting in your car making police officers waste valuable time as you talked on your cellphone and flipped thru a magazine or immediately upon being told of your mistake taking responsibility for it? I think that should be obvious which is worse. Carty made an error in speech writing; it appears it was an honest mistake, sloppy? Yes, and he should be more careful in the future. We can't say the same for Karyn McConnell Hancock. By her own admission she has done this before, the only difference is this time she was caught.

I understand the whole aspect of politics where you ignore the bad behavior of your own group yet make the opposing sides an issue. The problem with that is we see all of it. It's really hard to have alot of faith in the system when it's pretty obvious no one seems to have the courage to call their own out on their unacceptable behavior. I am not trying to pick on Frank in regard to this. There are other City Council members who have not said anything, the Mayor has not said anything with the exception of his first statement that I agreed with that no one is above the law. The Toledo Blade has not made this an issue either. Yes, they reported what happened, but the only calls for resignation I've seen have been in a few Letters to the Editor. Same with the other local media sources, the Toledo Free Press had an op-ed piece by Bob Frantz and there was some television coverage on the initial incident and the release of the police dash cam but now it's all faded away as if we are supposed to just forget about it. I believe George Sarantou did make a statement that Karyn McConnell Hancock's attempt at an apology during a City Council session wasn't appropriate, yet if there was some type of action in City Council demanding she at least step down from president pro tem as well as her chair position, I missed it.

So here is a suggestion to all politicans, if you want us to believe you and have faith in your words, then demand the same behavior from everyone. Even those who are on "your" side.

Also, since he doesn't seem to be getting alot of media coverage, there is an additional candidate for at-large Toledo City Council, John “Mitch” Balonek, he's running as an Independent/Green Party. He's got some interesting ideas and as most of you know, I support the idea of more involvement by Independent candidates. I don't agree with him on some of what he states on Charter Schools, but no candidate can be perfect......


Steve said...

Lisa, Do you know anything about this?

axesoldier said...

Hey girl, how you be, missing you at excite, you were the only genuine liberal. Love Axesoldier

Lisa Renee said...

Steve, I hadn't heard about that up here but thanks


hey axe thanks, I miss some of you guys too but you know where to find me


Frank said...

Fair question, Lisa. First though, I've added a list of everyone who's running for At-Large City Council this year on my blog.

No one defends what KMC did. But I know KMC pretty well, and she is a better person than portrayed during the coverage of this episode, and I know she regrets it.

I also have had the chance to know Carty and the Kest Gang, and can state honestly that they are making the wrong decisions with impunity, consistently, and only with the acquisition of power in mind.

Lisa Renee said...

Frank, I appreciate your response, and while I'm not a Carty fan, the whole KMC situation was very troubling on many levels. I took the time to watch all of the police dash board tapes because I do know the media isn't always accurate. I'd suggest in this case given what you see if you watch them in full? The media was alot nicer than they could have been. She may well be a very nice person, but I very strongly disagree with her actions and think given the current ethics scenario in Toledo this should not be a "let's forget about it" moment.

I'd just like to see ethics being an issue accross the board. Like I wrote, I realize you have made it clear where your loyalty lies and I appreciate your honesty. I can't tell you I think Carty would be the best mayor for Toledo, however I don't share your belief that Mayor Ford would be either.