Sunday, July 31, 2005

Day 5 into the Curse and Sharon is fine...

Since the pulsa denura, a halakhic curse that a group of outlawed radical Kahane Khai placed on Israelis Sharon has made the news here in the states, figured I'd first update you that it hasn't worked yet. Supposedly if it doesn't work within 30 days the twenty people that participated in the curse will die.

So, for your enlightenment, some history of this curse. They claim it worked when Rabin died, of course he was murdered by an extremist of this type, obviously he took matters into his own hands when it appeared the curse alone wasn't going to work. This might stem from Kabbalistic mysticism, yes the religion Madonna was in to that swept the US for a brief period of time.

There appears to be some argument within the Jewish faith as to does this curse really exist or was it taken from an excommunication ceremony and changed into this to make it seem scarier and of course get more headlines. Make enough headlines over there where there are enough extremists like the one who killed Rabin and someone might get the idea into his head to try to kill Sharon. Interestingly to me inciting someone to kill someone you would think would be against the law. Or at a minimum "terroristish" wouldn't you say? No reports of any of these 20 people arrested though, and the press knows who some of them are.

I am not a fan of Sharon by a long shot, but he doesn't deserve to die, nor should some fruitloopy extremists be encouraged to take him out believing they are doing "Gods Work". While I dont have personal experience with God? I tend to think that wouldn't be something he'd approve of.

update: It should have read either Day 5 or 25 more days left on the curse.


Cyberseaer said...

I'm posting with four days to go. If Sharon is ok after the fourth day and these 20 people don't die, then we'll know two things. One, the curse is the stuff of the silly and, two, these people are afraid of commitment.

Lisa Renee said...

Well the last bunch didn't die since Rabin was killed.

but, my writing skills sucked on that one because it should be 25 Days to go, thanks to you C I just caught that.

Sorry Ariel for making you think you had less time.

Lisa Renee said...

There, I fixed it.