Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Bob Frantz asks if we got the message...

Bob doesn't think we are in fear enough, and that we have somehow forgotten 9/11. "Worst of all, those four years have made you forget exactly who we are fighting and to what lengths these cowards will go to murder us all. The fact that our own soil hasn’t run red with blood since that fateful day...."

Buried in his rant against the anti-war protestors and how " We must hunt and kill these animals in their dens — because, as July 7 reminded us, they’re coming to kill us in our homes" forgot the most important thing, the main person who is behind or encouraged that terrorism is (or at least was) in Afghanistan. Where we should have focused on finding Osama in his "den" and diminishing his power, rather than creating more terrorists in Iraq. Things in Afghanistan are heating up again and we don't have enough troops to cover what should be done there and still handle the situation that is not under control in Iraq.

There's this really silly rule that works, finish something before you start something else.

So, yes sir Bob, I got the message but I don't think you did.


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