Sunday, July 17, 2005

And in Toledo.....

The Toledo Blade demonstrates it's okay for Jack Ford to make a comment that we regular Blade readers know would be a huge deal if it would have come from Carty.

Jose Nogueras, holding his daughter Tirzah, walked up to Mayor Ford to wish him luck. In what must be the most innate political move, Mayor Ford reached out to hold the baby.

But as Mr. Nogueras stepped back to snap a picture, the mayor called out: "Hey Carty. Let's hold the baby together. That way no matter who wins, this baby can say the mayor held her."
"You've got to have fun in campaigning," Mayor Ford said after posing with Mr. Finkbeiner. "It can't be all dog eat dog."

Where's the outcry from Rob Ludeman or Keith Wilkowski?


Mayor Ford later acknowledged other competitors - the best known of whom are Rob Ludeman and Keith Wilkowski - saying: "If somebody else wins, she just has two ex-mayors holding her."

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