Friday, December 16, 2005

Bloggers have bad reputation?

While I'm still doing some research and working on some other things, I thought I'd share an experience I had this morning.

I called a local political party to get contact information on a person I wanted to talk to. I stated who I was and that I was calling because I wanted to write about this person for my blog.

First I was asked "Isn't Liberal Common Sense an Oxymoron"...hehehe (Exactly!)

Then it appears we bloggers have a bad reputation as the person I spoke with was of the opinion that what we do is take pot shots at people. Dig for dirt, etc.

After I explained I was not that kind of a blogger...I started to wonder. I guess that's another goal for LCS, to show what blogging is about. Sure I'll call someone on something that's not factual and yes at times I give my opinion which might not be the way some of you feel but? To me blogging is an alternative source of information. Credibility and honesty are important.


Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, political parties are chiding blogs for taking pot shots and digging for dirt?


Unknown said...

lol...I'm glad you saw the irony in it too.


Jonathan said...

taking pot shots and digging for dirt

That's unfair for him to characterize bloggers like that. Most folks at least STOP BY my blog first before coming to that realization! LOL!!

Unknown said...

Gee, I was beginning to think you didn't like me anymore


Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...


"First I was asked "Isn't Liberal Common Sense an Oxymoron"...hehehe (Exactly!)"

Sounds like that individual you spoke with had a bit of a closed mind.

That, or, their little tin foil hat was askew...

Gee Lisa, I thought that EVERYBODY knew about you!

I was shocked to learn otherwise :-)

Jonathan said...

Gee, I was beginning to think you didn't like me anymore

Nah...never! :-)

historymike said...

I never use my blog as the key to open the door, Lisa. I'd rather people say something like: "Oh yeah, and don't you also write over at Blog X???" (no blog-pimping today)

I'd rather use the name of a "respected" periodical, or just say "freelance writer."

Blogging just has not developed a critical mass of awareness yet, and there are so many blogs that only a few, like Daily KOS, have broken into "mainstream."

Unknown said...

I'm a blogger, I don't consider myself freelance because it's for the blog not for a newspaper. Maybe if that day ever comes then I might change my intro as to why I want the information.

If they don't know about blogs or have a bad impression of blogs then maybe I've changed that just a tiny little bit.